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Types of knee replacement:

When all compartments in the knee are worn

Partial Knee Replacement:- In this procedure only the part of knee is replaced which is worn out. Knee is divided into three components-Medial compartment(inner side), Lateral (outer part) and Patellofemoral compartment(front part between knee cap and thighbone). Any of the compartment alone is damaged or affected ,in these condition we will perform that surgery.

Total Hip replacement:- Also called the Arthroplasty, It’s as surgical procedure done to replaced or removed disease part of the hip joint. Variety of factors may lead to destruction of hip joint like Osteoarthritis, trauma of the joint, rheumatoid arthiritis, hip dysplasias and avascular necrosis.

Types of Hip Replacement:

Partial Hip replacement:- Only a part of the hip is replaced which is worn out. Hip joint is composed of two bones, the head of the thigh bone(femur) and cup of pelvis bone. When only head is involved ,then this is the best surgery.

Total Hip Replacement:- It indicates when both ball and cup gets worn out.