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Joint Replacement Surgery

Knee is the most important joint in our body which plays the vital role of bearing body weight. Knee joint comprising of femur(thighbone) and tibia(Shinbone0which gets damage due to several conditions like injuries or from repetitive range of motions. In results knee is unable to cushion stress to the joint and pain without swelling, stiffness and movement occurs. Other factors like patients with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, hemophilia, gout etc may also worsens knee joints.

Common symptoms:

  • Sever Knee Pain
  • Morning Stiffness
  • Deformities in knees
  • Failure of other treatment modalities.

Factors to consider in Knee Problems:

  • Restrictions in daily activities due to knee pain
  • Unsuccessfully tried other non operative procedures like injections and physiotherapy
  • Have legs deformity
  • Intolerable pain after pain killers also
  • Need to take regular medication

Shoulder joint: also called glenohumeral joint. It consists of three bones: scapula9shoulder blade),Clavicle(collarbone) and humerus(upper arm bone). All these bones work together and fits into glenoid socket and embraced by the rotator cuff muscles.

Symptoms of shoulder joint:

  • Pain while performing daily activities
  • Perpetual pain while sleeping
  • Weakness with loss of motion
  • Unsuccessful tried of medical treatments such as Anti inflammatory drugs, Cortisone injections and physiotherapy

Treatment options :

Shoulder Replacement: It’s with a prosthetic joint. This surgery recommended to increase range of motion and painful arthritic shoulder. Shoulder replacement can be done by two methods;- Total replacement and Partial Replacement.

Rotator Cuff:- It is designed to reduce the shoulder pain by repairing the rotator cuff. When tissue around the shoulder joint gets damaged, this surgery is perform to repair the tissue of injured shoulder. If partial tear, then can perform smoothing procedure called debridement.

Shoulder Arthroscopy: Rotator cuff tears repairs with the help of arthroscope