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Face Pastic Surgery

Face lift, medically known as rhytidectomy, reverses the signs of ageing on the face. Facelift combined with other facial procedures such as blepharoplasty, brow lift and rhinoplasty gives the face a fresh look.

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose job or nose reshaping plastic surgery, reshapes your nose to make it bigger/ smaller and make it look more harmonious with your face. Nose job also corrects indentations, bumps and other defects in the nose.

Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery dramatically improves the appearance of tired, saggy and droopy eyelids. Eyelid surgery also corrects eye bags and what is popularly known as Asian eyelids.

Brow lift corrects the droopy eyebrows and removes the lines on the forehead that may show unintended emotions. The procedure dramatically rejuvenates the forehead area to give it a younger and fresher looking appearance.

Chin implant surgery, also known as chin augmentation is the plastic surgery procedure to correct a weak or receding chin to make it look in proportion with other facial features. Chin augmentation also makes the nose looks smaller if your nose is large.

Cheek implant surgery, also known as cheek augmentation adds volume to the face to add definition. The plastic surgery procedure involves inserting silicone implants or your own body fat, giving the face a more balanced look. The surgery is often combined with Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping.

Ear reshaping, also known as otoplasty or bat ear reshaping is the plastic surgery to reduce the size of protruding ears and pin them back. The procedure is often done during childhood as the cartilage is easy to mould.

Hair transplant is the procedure to transplant hair follicles in the balding areas of scalp or even moustache and beard in men. The hair follicles are taken from the scalp or other parts of the body which have dense hair.